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Welcome Middle School Writers!

This course is designed for middle school writers. It includes opportunities to engage in research, gather facts, and compose an argument.

Hi! I’m Angela, and this is our first argument writing lesson.

All of the remaining lessons will be added below, day by day, from March 30, 2020-April 8, 2020. After this time, writers and teachers may access all of them at once.

Please scroll all the way down to open each lesson. There will be 8, total.

Are you ready to get started?

Before we get writing, there are four things that I’d like you to do on this first day. These steps will help you prepare for the rest of our time together:

  • First, find a comfortable place where you can learn and write each day.
  • Then, grab the tools you prefer to write with (paper, a pen, a notebook, a laptop or device–it’s up to you). Make sure you have them handy for every lesson.
  • Next, go on a scavenger hunt around your house or yard for some loose parts. What are loose parts, you ask? They’re thingamabobs that you can hold in your hands. Old board game pieces work really well. So do buttons or drinking straws or paperclips. If you have blocks or LEGO or clay at home, they’re fun to work with, too. You can even make your own PlayDoh by using this recipe, if you’d like. You shouldn’t spend any money on loose parts. Just search for any old pile of little things. They don’t even have to match! Head outside if you’re able to. Grab some stones, some twigs, and maybe a few clippings from a pine tree. Use soda can tabs or bottle caps if you’d like. Upcycle. Have fun with this today. Click HERE to peek into a photo album that’s full of different examples.
  • Finally, make sure that you’re able to access the lessons. Remember to sign in each day, if you need to. And be sure to have your volume turned up, so you can hear each video.

Every lesson ends with a reminder of all that you have accomplished. It will look like this:

You’ve completed this lesson when:
  1. You’ve created a comfortable writing space for your daily lessons.
  2. You’ve gathered your writing tools.
  3. You’ve found some loose parts to work with.
  4. You’re sure you’re able to access all of the lessons.

Thanks for getting ready to write with me today! If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to your teacher. And remember: While everyone is able to view the lessons and resources in this space, no one will be able to leave comments or see who else might be here.This keeps all of us safe.