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Make Writing: Engaging Your Most Print Resistant Kids

Writing is making when we engage in loose parts play. Use uncommon strategies and a bunch of new tools to begin MAKING writing with your students.

Teacher's Notes

My new book, Hacking the Writing Workshop: Redesign with Making in Mind, is dedicated to every student that I ever asked to sit down and quiet down in order to put print down.

If you teach writing, then you’ll want to know why I made that apology. And you’ll want to learn how to shake the print resistant writers you know and love out of their seats and onto their feet, where words become loose parts, ideas mix and remix, and complex thinking feels more like play.


Because we make better writing this way.

This course will launch on June 1, 2018. I’ll build it week by week, and you will find each session posted below as I do.

Want to learn more about what we will be up to? Come on, take a quick walk with me.  



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Welcome to Make Writing: Engaging Your Most Print Resistant Kids. I'm Angela, and I'm glad that you're here. Here's what you can expect.

01Session 1

How do future ready writing workshops distinguish themselves from traditional workshops?

02Session 2

How might we create a future-ready workshop environment, and what kind of supplies and materials are needed?

03Session 3

How might we use design thinking and maker moves to elevate the thinking, learning, work, and relationships that are built in a future-ready workshop?

04Session 4

How might we craft a student centered curriculum?

05Session 5

How might we prototype a draft, and why would we want to, anyway?

06Session 6

How might we approach the writing process differently, in order to build stamina, inspire experimentation, and elevate the work of all writers?

07Session 7

How might we use making to help writers problem solve, and which interventions serve writers best?

08Session 8

How might we elevate the complexity of student work in the make writing workshop?

09Session 9

So, how do we inspire makers to begin putting down...print?