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Here’s the Deal. 

YOU KNOW WHO I’m Talking about.

The kids who can’t sit still.

The kids who refuse to put down print.

The kids who claim to hate writing.


I’m Angela Stockman.

Over the last two decades, I’ve worked with so, so many writers like this, in my own classroom and in my writing studio, too. Want to know what the most important thing I learned was?

That I had a lot of learning to do.

It all started when I admitted defeat, dropped my pencil and asked, “If you don’t want to write, then tell me: What would you rather be doing?”

That’s when my most resistant writers became my greatest teachers.

they helped me make something just for you. 

Perhaps you’ve read one of my books, attended one of my workshops, or even worked with me in a sustained way inside of your school. Maybe you’ve read my blog or connected with me on Twitter or Facebook. If you have, then you know how passionate I am about writing instruction and specifically, integrating making and writing.

And if you have no idea what the maker movement is or how you might begin messing about, that’s okay, too.

I’ve designed this course for you, regardless of your experience level or area of expertise.

so, Here’s the Plan.

I’ve built a beautiful foundation for beginners and brand new content for those who have been following my work for some time. After you register, you will find every module at the very bottom of this page. Whether you teach writing in a middle school workshop, in your high school science classroom, or during your kindergarten literacy block, the strategies that I share will help you better understand, engage, motivate, and move the writers you serve. They’re there, you know. In the making.

And Here’s what you’ll take away.

  • You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the maker movement and why its important to create future-ready writing workshops and classrooms.
  • I’ll provide a variety of low budget supply lists and all of the inspiration you’ll need to create tinker trays, totes, and tool buckets with purposeful intention. If you’ve been doing this for some time, I have some new ideas and questions for you.
  • We’ll explore five specific approaches that will help you begin integrating making and writing in every content area and grade level.
  • You’ll receive printable mini-lessons that will enable you to coach content, craft, and form.
  • And then, we’ll tackle the tough stuff: I’ll share my most promising practices that help transition students from making to writing.
  • Finally, I’ll invite you to sketch up a lesson or unit plan using what you’ve learned, and if you’re interested, I will review it in order to provide helpful feedback.
  • Looking for added support? Course participants are invited to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter, where I love to talk shop, share additional resources, and most importantly, connect you to a world of teachers who have begun making writing and learning more from their students, too.

Remember, this is where you register. Once you do, you’ll always find your course content right here.  You can also access it from the home page.

what’s included:


K-12 Lesson Plans

Download and you’re ready to go. Each plan is aligned to meaningful learning targets, the elements of craft, and the most essential forms of writing.

Video Tutorials

Turn your classroom into a makerspace for writers with tinker trays, totes, and tool buckets.

Stamina Stretching Strategies

Magic happens when we listen to resistance. I’ll teach you how, and then I’ll show you what this taught me.

Prompts that Move Makers Toward Print

Peek over my shoulder, into student work samples, and listen to the feedback I plan to provide.

Plans and Pricing



Special Pricing Ends June 1st

  • Ten lesson modules that will support your learning and application
  • Unlimited access to a growing archive of supplemental resources
  • Opportunities to connect with Angela and receive feedback on your implementation plans and emerging work
Site License


Special Pricing Ends June 1st

  • Two virtual meetings with Angela, intended for interested individuals, teams, or an entire staff and scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient.
  • Unlimited, building-wide access to all course modules and supplemental resources.
No Risk--30 Day Guarantee

Frequently asked questions:

When does this course begin, and how will I be supported?

All Pace Yourself courses are intended to be completed in your own space and at your own pace. There are no deadlines, grades, or expectations regarding completion. Some courses provide the opportunity to hop on virtual meetings with the instructor. All Pace Yourself friends are also invited to join Angela Stockman and others in her network on Facebook or Twitter.

May I earn professional development credit for completing this course?

Yes, with the approval of your administrator. This course requires twenty clock hours. Contact Angela to learn more and arrange to obtain a certificate of completion. In most cases, evidence of content application will be necessary. In other words, she’ll need to see that you applied your learning in order to credit you for course completion.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. Please contact Angela to arrange for this.

What's the difference between a site license and an individual registration?

A site license provides access to an entire building staff, while an individual registration is for one person.

What if I'm unhappy with this course?

You have thirty days from the point of purchase to request a full refund.

Will you share my contact information?