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Today’s Learning Target

By the end of today's lesson, you'll be able to say, "I can use different sources to find answers my research question."

In order to complete today’s lesson:
  1. Watch today’s video.
  2. Begin MAKING your own magnificent thing, and remember: It may not turn out perfectly. My making is messy right now, too.
  3. When you find yourself confused, stuck, or frustrated, decide which resources you’ll add to your growing collection. Which books or websites or videos might help you solve your problems and move forward? Find them!
  4. Take some time with this step, and move on to the next lesson ONLY when you’re making is complete, and you’re ready to teach others how to make the same thing. This might take a little while.

Your final version of whatever you make does not need to be perfect. What matters is that you are ready to teach others how to make the same thing you’ve made.

I hope that you enjoy this time! Have some fun. Make some messes. Use your mistakes and confusions to find even better resources. Making inspires better research, and research helps us make better!

I’ll see you at the start of the next lesson, whenever you’re ready.