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Today’s Learning Target:

By the end of this lesson, you'll be able to say, "I am able to describe how this writing experience changed my thinking, my learning, my writing process, or my work."


If you’ve landed here, then you’ve completed a draft of your personal narrative.

I’m wondering how you’re feeling about that.

Take a peek at today’s video, and then, spend some time reflecting.

Use whatever tools and approaches might help you answer my questions best. I’ve shared them in the video.

Write a letter to your teacher, or create a journal entry. Record a video if you’d rather, or audio record your thoughts.

You’ve finished today’s lesson once you’ve watched the video and completed this reflection.

I’m glad that I got to keep you company while you’ve been learning from home. If you’d like to see my completed personal narrative, you will find it in the links below.

Be sure to hang on to all of the beautiful work you’ve produced. I know your teacher will be proud of what you’ve accomplished and ready to help you take your next steps as a writer.