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Today’s Learning Target:

By the end of this lesson, you'll be able to say, "My personal narrative includes a small moment story about an unprecedented event that is set in one place at one time."

Welcome to our fourth lesson, everyone!

Yesterday, we learned how to write the beginning of our personal narratives by revealing our thoughts or feelings.

Today, we’ll write into the middle of our stories by describing the small, unprecedented moment that inspired those thoughts or feelings.

You’ll catch the lesson in the video above.

Use what you learn in today’s lesson to make your own writing. Then, transcribe it into written words.
You’ve finished this lesson when:
  1. You’ve imagined the middle of your personal narrative, set within one small moment and place in time.
  2. You’ve made or performed this small moment.
  3. You’ve transcribed these ideas into written words that will become the middle of your story. If you need to see an example, you’ll find mine in the links below.