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The Writing Workshop Teacher’s Guide to Multimodal Composition

Under Construction: New Course Opens May 15, 2022

This course is in the process of being refreshed! Registration will open and all content will be updated by May 15, 2022.

Once you’ve registered and signed in, you may access each module from this page, where they will be linked. This is a great page to bookmark, because you’ll be returning to it often.

Before you dive in, be sure to:

  • Have a peek at the video above. You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions here and gain a greater welcome to the course.
  • Complete this survey, so that we know which book to send your way. If you’ve chosen live debriefs, this is where you will share your availability as well. Please do this AFTER you have registered. The survey is only for registered participants who are committed to the course.
  • Review your course overview. You’ll find a short one here and a more detailed one right here.
  • If you’re participating with your school, attend your district’s welcome session, if one is offered. If you’re unable to attend, plan to access the video-recording.
  • Reach out to me with any other questions or concerns. I’m happy to help.