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Hacking School Culture

Compassionate classrooms are built one learner at a time. Be that learner. It's time.

Teacher's Notes

Kids these days. 

They’re brilliant and bold and……way too boisterous.

They’re silly and shy and……unnecessarily skeptical.

They’re confident and creative and……carrying the weight of this broken, beautiful world on their shoulders.

Kids these days…..they’re different.

So, we need to be different, too.

Inspiring speeches aren’t enough. Anti-bullying initiatives aren’t enough. And external rewards for good behavior certainly aren’t enough.

But you are.

YOU are enough.

That’s why we want you to take this course. 


More Training


Welcome to Hacking School Culture!

01Session 1

Let's create a vision of the compassionate classroom that you and your students hope to create.

02Session 2

How might we align our policies and practices with the principles we've established for our compassionate classroom?

03Session 3

How might we teach for compassion without compromising content knowledge or critical domain-specific skills?

04Session 4

How might we refine instructional practices in ways that cultivate compassion?

05Session 5

How could compassion influence our assessment practices?

06Session 6

What is strengths-based teaching and learning, and how might we begin to approach it?

07Session 7

How does belonging enable us to set and maintain healthy boundaries?

08Session 8

Let's take a deeper dive into shame, so that we might become a bit more...shameless.