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Make Writing: Notebooks

Did you send those writers notebooks home empty again this year? Yeah, let's fix that.

Teacher's Notes

A writer’s notebook is a gift.

It’s a safe place to tinker with text, play with ideas, and collect the words we love and long to use with confidence.

At least, that’s what a notebook is supposed to be, right?


I might be sharing too much information here, but let’s just say I’m not the only teacher who once found herself packing near-empty notebooks into backpacks on the last day of school, promising myself that next year, things would be different.

Perhaps this isn’t your story, though. Maybe you’ve mastered the art of consistency. Maybe you’re just looking for fresh ideas or approaches that will add complexity and dimension to the practice of notebook keeping.

I’ve designed this course to meet all of these needs.

More Training


Let's talk about why many notebooks tend to go home empty at the end of each school year and what we can do from the start of it to ensure that this doesn't happen.

02What’s Your Shared Vision? How Might You Achieve It?

What do notebooks look like in the wild? How do we help writers pursue the kind of creative conventionality that results in deep and delightful work? Let's talk about creating a shared vision for notebook use, assessing in ways that matter, and ways to launch the year well.

03Assessing Writers and Framing Useful Feedback

How might we assess writers' growth as notebook keepers in ways that are healthy, inspired, and meaningful? This session will provide a few answers, a few rubrics, and some feedback frames as well.

04A Video Tour of My Favorite Diaries and Journals

You will want to watch this one. It features diaries from my teen years and my cat, Girard. Does professional learning get any better than this??

05Just for Primary Level Teachers

Take a peek at some examples of primary level notebook keeping!