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Let’s become story writers together!

Welcome, everyone!

I’m Angela, and over the next few weeks, we are going to learn how to write stories together.

In order to complete this project with me and with your teachers, you need to sign up. Look for the button below!

Remember to sign in every single day, too.

All of the lessons can be found right here (<—yes, click right there!), as long as you are signed in.

If you have questions, please make sure to ask your teacher first. If he or she can’t help you, they will contact me.


Watch a video recorded lesson.
Do a bit of reading or writing or both.
Meet with your classmates and teacher, in order to learn and write together.


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Answers to many of your questions may be found below. If you have others, please direct them to your teacher. He or she will contact me directly if I need to help more.

Do I need parent/guardian permission in order to register?

It is my understanding that if you have registered for this course you have done so with the support of your teacher and parent/guardian. I also understand that all parties will hold me, Angela Stockman, harmless for your activities here or online in general, as you complete this course.

This course is not interactive. Participants will not be made aware of who other participants are. Commenting features will be deactivated. Privacy will be protected, and your data will never be shared.

What do I have to produce?

This course will guide you through a writing process that enables you to create a draft. Your teacher will define what will be due when. All work will be submitted to your teacher.

When do I have to do this work?

Your teacher will make these decisions and share them with you.

Can I access this on my phone?

Yes. Many people tell me they complete my courses this way. If you are unable to do so efficiently, know that everything is accessible from a computer as well, and it may look better there.

What if I can't see the lessons anywhere.

Make sure you sign in each day, and make sure you’re on this page right here. If you have other issues, your teacher will advise you here.