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your dining room table was designed for eating, not grading.

Whenever I’m asked why I left the classroom, I warn people: That’s a long story. 

I loved working with kids, but I also enjoyed facilitating professional learning for teachers.

I loved having my own classroom, but I also loved the idea of traveling to different schools and working with different people.

I loved the learning that I was doing in my school, but I longed to meet and work with the giants whose shoulders I was standing on.

And also?

I could not handle the paper load.

Truly, I couldn’t.

My last years in the classroom found me teaching eighth grade English Language Arts to five classes of up to thirty students, some of them with very special needs.

I knew what it took to build better writers. I understood the importance of consistent practice. I knew that volume mattered. And I really wanted to provide all of my 132 students high quality and timely feedback.

And I failed miserably……until I learned, long after I left my own classroom….how to help other teachers manage the load of papers they were bringing home each evening in ways that moved writers forward.

And now, I’d like to share these ideas with you. I’m Angela Stockman, and I’m glad you’re here.

You’ll find all of the content for this course linked to the welcome page. The modules will appear at the very bottom after you register. You will always be able to access from the home page of this site as well.

And here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • How to plan smarter rather than harder
  • How to scaffold and stagger assignments and tasks, in order to lighten paper load
  • How to provide high quality, feedback to writers quickly, painlessly, and at just-right times, in order to move them forward
  • How to assess writing and draw meaningful conclusions from it without sacrificing too much personal time
  • How to frame feedback so writers actually respond to it
  • How to intervene effectively, in response to what is learned from student work
  • How to coach writers to ask for and receive great feedback, in order to turn them toward one another, rather than over-relying on the teacher

Here’s what you’ll get.

Talking with Writers: Updated

The most recent update of my downloadable text, Talking with Writers. It includes feedback frames, protocols, rubrics, and intervention strategies for all grade levels.

The Balance Book

Knowing what matters most to you personally and professionally is the key to creating a balanced life. This tool will help do more than help you choose happy. It will help you achieve it.

Watch Me

How might we assess two hundred drafts and plan powerful interventions in under one hour? Watch me.

Personal Coaching

Jump into a thirty minute small group Zoom or Skype session, share your progress and your needs, and find new solutions with Angela.

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This is a self-paced online course, and all necessary content is embedded within each course and lesson module. There are no grades, no deadlines, no scheduled meetings, and no need to work at an instructor’s pace. However, if you have questions or need specific support, you can look forward to your virtual meeting. Begin this course at any time, and return as often as you need.

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With administrator approval. Please contact me if you require a letter. This course takes twenty clock hours to complete.

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