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Let’s get ready to launch a year of making and writing.

We make inside of writing workshops to elevate the process. We make to create multimodal products for audiences who will appreciate them, too. Making writing isn’t about ditching what works, though. It’s not about tossing the curriculum you’ve taken care to create with thoughtful intention, and it’s not about ignoring the standards or competencies you’re responsible for attending to, either. It’s about rethinking what writing is and how we might make even better use of the curriculum we’ve created and the resources we love–in service to writers and the audiences they will influence. I’m Angela Stockman, and I’ve helped hundreds of teachers do this work on the ground over the last ten years. I can help you, too. That’s what this course will do.  In this course, participants will:

  • Explore and apply specific tools and strategies in order to create workshops where writing and writers are MADE.
  • Plan a year of instruction.
  • Plan a unit (or more) of instruction.
  • Lesson plan.

Registered participants are able to access this content (<– click there) in THREE DIFFERENT FORMATS by scrolling down on this page. Choose the options that suit you best or take advantage of all of them, if you wish.

  • Format One: All modules are available for immediate asynchronous viewing.
  • Format Two: Access the modules on audio instead, and listen to them as you engage in your design work or other screen-free activities.
  • Format Three: Join me on Zoom each week for open office hours as well. Meetings will take place from 7:30-8:30 am EST every Tuesday morning from May 15th-October 1st, 2022. Drop in to any or all sessions to receive 1:1 support! You will receive more information and the link to my room after registering.

Once registered, bookmark this page and get ready to access all of the modules here. You may return to them anytime as well. You have access to this course for its lifetime.

Here’s what you’ll get.

Making Curriculum: Planning Tools

Blueprints that will help you plan a year, your units, and your lessons while honoring the resources and curricula that matter most to you and others in your system.

Making Spaces: Building a Writing Makerspace One Layer at a Time

Tools that will help you transform your classroom into a make writing workshop without spending a fortune.

Sample Units

Designed for primary, intermediate, and middle school writers.

The Make Writing Starter Set

Instructional guidance, prompts, and planning templates.

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Do you have questions? I have answers. If these don’t suffice, please contact me. 

When does this course begin, and how much will I be supported?

This is a self-paced online course. All necessary content is embedded within each course and lesson module. There are no grades, no deadlines, no scheduled meetings, and no need to work at an instructor’s pace. You are most welcome to attend the open office hours on Zoom, but your attendance is not required.

May I earn PD credit for this course?

With administrator approval. Please contact me if you require a letter. This course takes six clock hours to complete.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes! Please contact me to arrange this.

What's the difference between an individual registration and a site license?

Individuals register to access the course themselves. A site license provides building leaders the opportunity to make the course available to an entire building staff.

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What if I'm dissatisfied with the course?

You will have thirty days from the point of purchase to receive a full refund.