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Need a Hand, Friend?



Let’s Talk.

Let’s talk about your vision of the teacher you’d like to be and the difference you hope to make for your students.

Let’s talk about what matters. To them. To you. And let’s create a bit of alignment between that vision and what’s happening with your curriculum. Your assessments. Your instructional practices.

Let’s talk about the constraints you face, as well. I’ve been doing this a long, loooong time. So, I promise you: We will keep things real. Meaningful. Manageable.

We don’t need to muddy the water in order to make it seem deep. We do need to know how choppy it is, and more importantly, who is steering your ship and how their vision aligns with your own. We need to help you swim that ocean and not merely survival float or worse–drown.

So, let’s dream a bit and problem solve. Hard.

You’ve got this.

I’ll help you remember that.

How do you learn best?

I’m Angela Stockman, and I’m just a tiny bit passionate about professional learning. This has been my gig for almost fifteen years now, and I still wake up excited to go to work each day.

I love leading and attending workshops and conferences. I’m an Edcamp fan, too. And I spend nearly every week day facilitating multi-phase, sustained professional learning opportunities for different kinds of teachers in very different kinds of places.

These are all worthwhile experiences, but if you asked me which of them created the greatest amount of change, I’d tell you that it was customized coaching.

what’s customized coaching?

It’s whatever you need it to be, and in my opinion, that’s probably why it makes the greatest difference.

Some teachers need a quick consult on a lesson, unit, assessment, or instructional approach. Others invite me to audit and provide feedback on more substantial projects and plans. I design curriculum beside and with teachers. I’ve also designed curriculum for them.

We meet face to face if we’re able to.

We meet online as well.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to work 1:1, but often, teachers join small groups of others who share their interests and needs, and we learn even more….together.

So, here’s my Proposal:

Take some time to think about your interests and needs. Determine what kind of coaching support might be most worth your while, and then, peruse the service packages I offer.

Register for the one that works best, and then, look forward to hearing from me that same day. We’ll customize your plan further, to make it work for you.

here’s what you’ll get:

  • Voice and choice. Your plan will be customized to fit your needs, our meetings will take place at a mutually agreed upon time that works well for you, and we will meet on the ground if possible and online as you wish. This is all up to you.
  • A clear vision for the difference you hope to make for kids, and a product  (or products) that will help you achieve it, whether they are curriculum or instructional plans, assessments, theories of change, strategic plans, or other valuable resources that get you moving in the right direction. What we design will be agreed upon together and based upon your specific needs.
  • An action plan that will help you manage the shift, your time, and your sanity.
  • Tools that will help you assess the effectiveness of our your work, as you implement it.
  • Access to my resources and complete ownership of your own, as we develop things together. Anything that we design together will remain yours, I will not share it without your permission, and if I do, you will be fully credited.
  • The opportunity to receive wrap-around, daily support inside of my other networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The Goods:


Whether you’re hoping to re-frame a portion or the entirety of your curriculum, design better assessments, or improve instruction, our work together will result in the development of tangible tools that will support implementation.

A Customized Plan

Once registered, I will reach out to you to help you define your needs and interests and draft a proposed coaching plan based on what I learn. From there, we will work together to refine that plan before our sessions launch.

Just Right Feedback

Whether you register for a 1:1 session or a small group design cycle, know that I will be providing just-right, individual feedback directly to you every step of the way, within and beyond the confines of our scheduled session. This feedback may be provided in social networks, through email messaging, in Voxer, on Zoom or Skype, or through whatever other channel you prefer.

Looking for testimonials? You’ll find some right here.

Plans and Pricing

Which plan is right for you?

That depends on what you hope to do.

If you’re in need of a quick consult relative to a plan, an idea, or a dilemma, a single coaching session will do, and you can always register for more, if you find yourself in need of additional support.

If you’re ready to launch a more significant project and know that you’ll need more than one session to complete it, purchase a six pack. We will customize the work to meet your needs within that time frame, and if we can’t, I’ll offer other options.

And if you’re interested in planning a complete unit for your writing workshop, consider joining a small group session specific to your grade level band. If you find this experience rewarding, you can also jump into a future group afterward. New groups will form monthly. Join as often as you need to, in order to complete your curricular year.


One Single Session: Quick Consultation


The meeting will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time. You will be contacted about your availability.

Two hours of 1:1 support

Online or on the ground

Just-right tools and resources

Wrap-around support via social networks

A Six Pack of Sessions: Sustained Support


Meetings will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time. You will be contacted for your availability.

Twelve hours of 1:1 support

Customized proposals

Visioning work and aligned action planning

Product development: Curriculum, Instructional Plan, and/or Assessment

Just right tools and resources

Evaluation plan for our work together

Wrap-around support via social networks

Small Group Curriculum Design: Four Sessions


Meetings will begin in July. You will be contacted about your grade level and availability.

Weekly group meetings with up to 3 others who teach at your grade level.

Direct instruction relevant to best practices for unit design.

The development of one high quality writing workshop unit.

Wrap around support via social networks and email exchanges.

No Risk--30 Day Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my coaching session begin, and what do I need to do to prepare?

Once you register, I will reach out to you directly to assess your needs, interests, and availability. I will frame a proposal for our work together and our calendar, and we will refine it–collaboratively–until the plan is one you are comfortable with. All meetings will be held at times that are mutually convenient for all involved.

What if I have to miss a meeting?

We can reschedule 1:1 sessions easily! Not a problem. And if you have to miss a group session, you will be welcome to review the recording and reach out to me for additional support. Or, let’s say you or someone you love falls ill, or you are offered a fabulous job in Bali and need to use our group time to sell your house and build a base tan–if that happens, you’ll be invited to join the new group in the next cycle. New small group sessions begin monthly in July, August, September, and October.

May I earn professional development credit for completing this course?

Absolutely. Tell me what I need to do to satisfy your school leaders’ expectations there. Often, this requires the development of specific products. We can create a reasonable plan together.

Do you accept purchase orders?

I do. Just hit the CONTACT tab at the top of the page and drop me a line to arrange for this.

What if I'm unhappy with my coaching experience?

During each session, you will be asked to provide feedback on our learning and work together, so that I might adjust our plans to meet your needs one step at a time. If you still feel dissatisfied, please let me know right away. This helps me help you.

You may also request a full monetary refund from the point of purchase until 24 hours after your first official coaching session. If you wish to cancel your coaching sessions once this time has passed, you may use the credit you’ve invested in coaching to register for any other digital course on Pace Yourself.