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Make Writing: Launching Your Year

Eager to inspire your students to make writing but uncertain how? These six modules will help you launch a future-ready workshop.

On the heels of Make Writing and as I wrote and published and then began working with teachers who read Hacking the Writing Workshop: Redesign with Making in Mind, one question was asked of me by teachers over and over again:

How do we begin?

The beginning matters, and anyone who loves to teach writing and loves workshop especially knows–launch time is where the magic happens.

A great writing workshop launch ignites a fire for writing, and as teachers, we work to intensify those flames all year. It also helps writers establish routines and rituals that stoke the fire while ensuring it doesn’t burn out of control.

This is true inside of traditional workshops as much as it is inside of makerspaces for writers. But what happens inside of make writing workshops looks a little bit different, even in the beginning.

Let me tell you more. You’ll find more information and a registration link right here.